About Me

So here’s the skinny on me:

I’m a Public Relations student at Ohio Dominican University, graduating in December 2011. I am also pursuing a minor in business, which kind of comes in handy while fulfilling my duties as Treasurer of the ODU chapter of PRSSA.

I love non- profit organizations, and everything they stand for, and everything that goes into making their presences known. I want to help do that. I want to bring together people who need help with people who can help, in the way I know best; PR!

Social media is the present, and future, of public relations and business. Information is now being pushed out to sites like Facebook and Twitter, and within a minute, responses are generated. I love it. Its awesome. Get on it.

Baking is the job that I don’t get paid to do. If I’m not in class, at work, or at my internship, I am in the kitchen. It brings me joy when I create something that is sweet, tasty and looks pretty too.  :)

Cultures fascinate me. New foods, new traditions, new dances, new religious practices… I love learning about all of it. But I’m not one to be stuck inside, buried in a history book. I want to go out and meet people, and experience the different cultures through the different people I meet.

Basically, I’m a down to earth lady who likes to have fun, connect with people, learn new things and share with others what I know. So check out the posts; maybe you’ll learn something new! :)


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